Wednesday, May 12, 2021


 Earn PayPal, Visa, Airtime money doing surveys online. Payments are fast and reliable

Join Mobiworkx and earn money completing surveys. For that, you get paid from $0.30 to $2+ per survey completed.

You can withdraw your earned cash as airtime, PayPal, Visa. Withdrawals start from $5 for PayPal and Airtime. For Visa, you'll have to reach at least $10.

Withdrawal Proof:

To register click the link below and sign up. Don't forget to also share the link with your family and friends for them to also make that side hustle.

Monday, February 1, 2021


      “For Educational Purposes Only”

The following will be a list of places you can download your favorite PC games for free. Remember to read and adhere to each platform's policies. Also, this is only for educational purposes. For now, I'll list two working methods of downloading these games for free.

1. Fitgirl Repacks

Fitgirl is a website design to provide free PC games. Fitgirl Repacks offers many different PC games at no cost. Well, except for internet data costs. 

Note: The Fitgirl repacks website has many different fake duplicates created by other people. Make sure you click the links here to be directed to the original site.

2. PC Games Telegram Channel

The channel has been running and proving free PC games for some time. The good thing is that there is also a group for the channel. Where channel members ask questions related to PC games. That ensures that every single uploaded file is up to date.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


At first, I didn't like completing surveys online. I always had to force myself to complete surveys because I needed to make a side income. The most common things I hated were waiting a long period of time for withdrawals and getting paid a little for what I worked for. But then I came across a few survey sites that are worth your time and pay a lot for the effort you put in.

1. Survey Time

Survey Time pays its users $1 per survey completed. There are no minimum withdrawal amounts and payments are processed as soon as you complete your survey. No waiting periods and surveys are short and simple to complete. Available payment methods are PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards. 

Withdrawal proof:

Sunday, December 27, 2020


MTN has now started giving away free 1GB of data to its users. Provided that the user downloads and installs the new version of the MTN app.

It's as simple as follows: download the MTN app here, install the app and login. You'll then be rewarded with a 1GB free data valid for 24hrs. This offer only works once per registered sim card.

This won't last forever. Enjoy it whilst it last. Thanks to MTN.

Saturday, December 19, 2020



Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

Most internet users in modern days are vulnerable to scams. Some of those scams are related to making money online and some are related to daily online tricks. You might have come across one before. Well, in this post we would focus on scams related to money. I am going to give you the top 5 keys that you should use to overcome online scams.

Who creates scams?

Scams can be created by anyone desperate for something. The only way scammers can get what they want is by giving people false promises on something they know everyone needs. Here's an example of a scam:


Joe: Hello John. Just saw the post you sent on the group and thought that you might need help with earning money online.

John: Really? How much do you think I can earn online with your methods? Also, don't forget to share your method with me. I really need cash.

Joe: This is simple. Just send me $5 PayPal cash and I'll send you the PDF with all the steps you can use to ensure that you become a millionaire online.

John: Ok. Send me your PayPal email.


5 keys to avoid scams

  • Always get suspicious. (From the conversation above you have to ask yourself, "If this person has ways of making money that can make anyone a millionaire. Why doesn't he use those methods instead of charging people $5 for an idea?").  
  • Demand proof (Always request for payment proof, to ensure that the method really works).
  • Search for more information (Searching about the idea of making money the person is introducing to you can help you understand the background and origin of the method. Also, finding out which company founded the method is important. Finding no information about the idea of making money you've been told about will only mean it's a scam).
  • Make YouTube your friend (Find videos on YouTube that are doing reviews on the idea you just heard about).
  • Don't show strangers that you don't know (Showing strangers online that you don't have any knowledge about what they are trying to trick you to do can somehow make you more vulnerable to being scammed).

Some of the above-listed keys might have certain similarities. But, trust me. They'll help you stay scam-free. To protect your information from being stolen by hackers, please visit the Random Apps blog. This will ensure extra protection while browsing.


What is transcribing and how does it work?

Transcribing includes printing or writing out audio speech or thoughts. Basically, you print out what other people are saying and get paid for just that. There's more to transcribing than just that.

How much does transcribing pay and can you make a living from it?

Transcribing is the most challenging online job. The reason being that transcribing requires you to have good grammar skills. Being a challenge is no exception to someone who's willing to really make money online from just printing out what other people say. Some transcribing sites will pay you $20+ per hour. Who said hard and challenging work doesn't pay? Don't get me wrong though. Transcribing is not hard. It's also not easy.

How to become a transcriber?

Being a transcriber is as easy as reading this post. Some sites do not need any qualifications at all. All you have to do is to join one of the transcribing sites and apply to be a transcriber. You'll be given an online exam you can complete in your own spare time. After successfully passing that exam, you'll then be a transcriber on that site you applied on. Isn't that easy to do, provided that you pass the exam. Well, if you happen to fail the exam you"ll be given a re-test. Some websites do not offer a re-test at all. Some do offer a re-test but at limited times.

Which websites can I apply to be a transcriber on?

1. TranscribeMe

Transcribe Me pays users $0.79 per minute which equals $47.4 per hour if my calculations are correct. Many people consider trying out Transcribe Me as it has a high payout and it's a reliable company. No qualification required as long as you have good grammar skills.

2. Rev

Rev offers users earn up to $250 per month on average. With the top monthly earners at $1000+ per month. Also, at Rev, you have to have good grammar skills and spend time reading their style guide.

How to pass transcription tests?

Passing transcription tests is hard work. But being a transcriber pays a lot than the hard work you put in. To ensure that you pass all transcription test, you have to ensure that you read Transcribe Me or Rev's guides. DO NOT go online(YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and copy from transcribers. Passing an exam will not be the end of everything. The above two sites will still ensure that you deliver the best service to their customers. Remember that you'll be transcribing for big companies or anyone. So your transcription will be reviewed. If the customer is not happy with it, your account will be deleted. Make sure that you read the guide on your own. Rather look for explanations online, but don't copy. You'll be all alone when you transcribe. Have fun!

Thursday, December 17, 2020


This post will be short and simple. So make sure that you share it with your friends and family members. To do this you'll need to have an app called Mjam installed into your phone. Don't search for it. Just click the name M4jam here to ensure that you find the right app. Note that this offer is only for a limited amount of time.


  1. Before taking the job you should ensure that you have at least R5 airtime on your Cell C sim card.
  2. Next, click the word M4jam anywhere in this post.
  3. You would be redirected to Google Play Store.
  4. Install the M4jam app.
  5. Register on M4jam.
  6. Enable your phone location.
  7. Click earn.
  8. A R40 cell C job should appear (The job is all about downloading and taking the screenshot of the cell c app)

  9. Download the Cell C app first and open it.
  10. Take a screenshot while inside the Cell C app. Make sure that the screenshot shows both your Cell C number and your airtime balance.
  11. Go back to M4jam.
  12. Click on start on the R40 Cell C job. From there you'll follow the simple steps and earn yourself a R40 Cell C airtime. It's easy as that.


  Earn PayPal, Visa, Airtime money doing surveys online. Payments are fast and reliable Join Mobiworkx and earn money completing surveys. Fo...