Friday, July 17, 2020


Cache | "I mean it"

You might have met up with a weird name on your device when looking at things like storage consumption on your device, and that name is "cache". And you could have decided to delete some information stored in your "cache", I suppose. Well from now on you should know that is one of the things you should not do. Let's start by knowing what cache really is. 

The cache is defined as a very fast intermediate memory between the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the slower main memory. So in this case there's nothing wrong with the cache? 🤔Mhhhh... From a very big definition, the cache is defined as information storage of inaccessible information on your device. By inaccessible I mean that you can only have access to the information stored in the cache only if you open specific apps on your device. 

The cache makes it easier for apps to access the information they store in your device every time you perform an activity. It prevents long periods of waiting when running an application because the cache already has the information the application needs to run, thus saving you time. 

So from the definition, the cache doesn't make your device sluggish, but faster. It eliminates those long periods of waiting, loading, etc. So from now, I believe that you can see how important the cache is. Although the big issue is having low device storage. If you want to delete information stored in other apps' cache, then you can delete it for storage reasons, if you are not going to need the information stored by one of your apps. Do consider that deleting the information in your cache on your device makes your device apps sluggish as they might have to create new information. 

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