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Getting as many users in your blog, YouTube channel, or group is not as easy as someone might think. Today, what you are about to read will not only be about how to get more users, but it will also be about how to make people visit your platform again and again. Follow the rules I am about to give you and you'll be on your way to getting as many people to your blog as you want.

How to get many people into your channel?

Inviting as many people to your platform is as easy as ABC. Remember that inviting users is different from getting users. Inviting users is all about introducing people to your content. All it takes is creating a catchy title for your content and spreading it to other groups and channels. Take note though, that your content title must not be misleading. You will read about that later, it's just a few sentences ahead. Moving on we have google trends.

Google Trends

Google trends is a platform by Google that records the most search online topics daily, weekly, or monthly. This helps developers or content creators like you find the most searched and focused on topics by people around the world. Using this platform helps you get as many daily users as possible.
Now that you wrote a catchy title for your content and used google trends, how do you get people to come back again and again?

How do you get people to stay?

It is almost obvious that, when you wrote something with a catchy title, many people will click it. But, what about next time, do you always have to go look for people again and again? Well, to that I'll say "NO". When people have seen that your content title matches what they found about your content. They will keep on wanting more of your content. As long as your content is not mixed up (If it's about cars, only post things related to cars), relevant, not exaggerated, not clickbait. The most common thing people hate is exaggerated content. That is not any different from promising people that you'll give them $200 each if they subscribe to your content, knowing that you don't have that $200.


Avoid posting long, meaningless, and off-topic content. Understanding that many content readers do not like to read. Writing long and meaningless content creates frustration for the reader. Then that's when he/she won't come back. Make sure that your content has an order. Create headings, subtitles, and bold words to make emphasis important and catchy words.


Remember to not lose focus. Don't mislead your users, post something relevant, do not mix your post (Organise your posts). Remember that posting something irrelevant to your channel, blog or group will not help you gain users, but it may lead to some users leaving your platform since they may not be in favor of that content. Growing an online or offline platform was never easy, even for the biggest companies in the world. Don't rush things (Post about your blog, channel, and group often in the same groups). Posting your content on other groups often may lead to some users getting annoyed by your content or even banning you from the group. Nothing starts big, you have to start somewhere. Never hold on to that though. By that I mean do not feel comfortable being low. Work hard and you shall achieve your desired goal. Me

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