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Many people around the world think that running short of internet data is the only treat when it comes to enjoying internet surfing. Random Apps doesn't think so. Do you? The second threat that many people come across on the internet is getting their data stolen or hacked. That includes private information and sensitive information being accessed by someone else without your permission. That is the most stressful and unpeaceful moment when surfing the internet. At times some people even get their card details stolen.

Did you know that there's been a solution all along? I think that you weren't aware yet. To protect your online information you have to install Kaspersky security on your device. 

Kaspersky specializes in protecting your device from being accessed by anyone who doesn't have permission to do so. Kaspersky protects both your pc and your smartphone.

Features available on Kaspersky security come in different and many features. That includes:

 Blocking webcam access from people without permission to use it

To prevent people from spying on you using your webcam. Kaspersky security blocks websites from using your webcam automatically. You'll get a notification to either accept or block that site from accessing your webcam.

Blocking ads while surfing the internet

Ads are the most interesting and annoying part of surfing the internet. Kaspersky helps you block ads on your device if you chose to do so.

Blocking computer microphone access from people without permission to use it

Some people love listening to what you are saying wherever you are. Remember that with internet access people can listen to whatever you are saying from anywhere around the world, without your permission. Kaspersky blocks that too. Unless you choose to provide that permission.

Tracking your lost device

If you lose your device. Kaspersky can help you find it with its three most awesome features. The first one is ringing it and the second one is finding it using a map. Well, the third one is locking your device just in case someone knows your password.

Protecting your kids again content they don't need to see on the internet

Sometimes kids don't choose what they watch, or you cannot choose what they must watch. With Kaspersky, your kids will watch what you want them to. Kaspersky will block apps and content that is not created for kids. Also, kids cannot unblock that. Only you will have access to unblocked such content when you are using the device.

Virus protection

Not everything we download online is safe. From PDFs, videos, and applications. Some contain a virus that makes our devices lag(respond too late). Isn't that annoying?

Data backup

Kaspersky also helps you backup your data. Ok... wait. I don't need to explain this. Ok... Fine! Data backup includes storing your information in the secure Kaspersky security storage in case you lose it. Happy now?

Password manager

The password manager helps you store passwords for different apps and websites. This ensures that you access them easily in case you forget each of them.

Securing Banking Details

To keep your banking details safe when doing online purchases, Kaspersky has a protected browser mode to ensure that hackers don't stand a chance.


If I could try to mention all Kaspersky's features I would end up creating an endless post. Thanks to a 30 free trial. With Kaspersky, you can install the software on your smartphone/ PC without having to pay for anything. That I call a good free trial. From there you can explore Kaspersky security features before deciding to purchase anything.

With Kaspersky security, hackers don't stand a chance. I also recommend this data protection service as I have been using it for a long time now and I have had no issue with it.

Does that mean I can surf the internet safely?

Yes. With Kaspersky security having blocked unauthorized access to your computer/smartphone. Nothing, and I mean nothing stands a chance of invading your privacy or stealing your data. That leaves you problem-free!


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