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Affiliate Marketing

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Lately, you might have searched for the best ways of making money online but, all you come across are videos about affiliate marketing. From general knowledge you might have thought/realized that affiliate marketing is boring since it includes convincing people to buy a particular product, they never thought about buying. Well, they might have thought about buying that product, although their decision wasn't that strong. Until you convince them more. Then they buy it, using your affiliate link. There's more to affiliate marking than convincing people to buy a particular product.

What is affiliate marketing?

As an affiliate, it is not a required option to buy the product yourself. All you have to do is to share the link of that product you want to promote to someone else. Now the link ensures that the person gets access to the product through you and you can track whether the person has tried the product or not.

As you might have read from the beginning of the topic. I mentioned that you might think that affiliate marketing is mostly based on convincing people to buy a particular product. To me, that is very "TRUE". The way you convince people must be more developed and unique from the product's real advert (Don't include unreal things though or exaggerate the product you are advertising). I call this a strategy. Better take note of it, it's one of the most important parts of becoming an affiliate.

How can you be a unique affiliate?

  1. Be as simple as possible! Do not write long paragraphs trying to convince people about a product. Note that many people do not like reading. So, try to make your convincing words as simple as possible.
  2. Use catchy but not dismissing words | Earn people's trust. Writing dismissing or fake catchy words can cost you your trust and earnings. Always remember that earning someone's trust is one hard thing, losing it though is by far the easiest. Try getting people to trust you. Then they'll, fortunately, buy your affiliate product.
  3. Don't be annoying. Many people online are afraid of admitting sometimes that they don't have money to buy your product. When someone isn't interested, try moving to the next one who might be interested. Also, posting your links often in some social media groups can get you banned or even get your account deleted.
  4. Don't answer negative or sensitive comments posted to you. If someone insults or says something bad about you as an affiliate, don't answer to it. That might lead to a bad reputation for your profile. 
  5. Avoid bad goodbye! Learn to say goodbye to your customers politely and generously. Do not insult or try to give a bad complaint to someone who chose not to buy your affiliate product. Remember that customers also have choices to make. People will not always think about the same thing as you do. Learn to accept that as an affiliate there will be no easy shortcuts.

The best strategies for advertising your products!

  1. Blog
    There are times where you review certain products or websites in your blog. Searching whether those products or websites you are doing a review on having an affiliate program or not can be very helpful. As you might get paid for inviting people into that product/website if it does have an affiliate program and you joined it. To create your own blog visit Blogger (Recommended platform).
  2. YouTube channel
    You might have seen many YouTube videos about new products (phones, watches, cars, etc). From your side, you might have thought that those videos only earn money from google ads. Maybe no. Some videos on YouTube are created by affiliates to advertise a particular product. This strategy has been used by many affiliates and some you might have not noticed. Here's how it works: a YouTuber does a review on a watch (just an example). Then they say, "To buy the watch the link is in the description box". After that, you decide to try the watch out, and they get paid if you choose to purchase the product. Sometimes affiliate gets paid for traffic.
  3. Groups
    Seeing product links are not very common in groups, although some people do it. The best way of finding people who will buy your affiliate product is to search for groups with the highest number of people. Also considering that those groups are relevant to the product you are promoting. I recommend using Telegram and Facebook groups as they often consist of a high number of people.

Benefits of becoming an affiliate (the reason why many people love becoming affiliates)

As an affiliate, you need to work hard to convince people. Who said hard work doesn't pay, right? Well, an affiliate is paid 0-50% per sign up. Depending on the affiliate program they chose to join. Some affiliate programs pay 5-100% per purchase or offer completed by the person you convinced to buy a product. An example of an affiliate program that pays 100% is Survey Time

There are affiliates from around the world who make a living by convincing people to buy products and some of them use the above-listed strategies (blogs, groups, YouTube channels). Depending on how much the product costs, as an affiliate you can make a lot of money if you mostly focus on high paying programs. You must note though, that affiliate programs come in different types. Some affiliate programs pay per sign up/registration, some pay per product purchase, and some pay per click.

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