Friday, June 19, 2020


“For Educational Purposes Only”

"I mean it"

Ever wondered which way can you use to download your favorite Facebook videos to your device? You're lucky for that wondering ends now, not really. There's are still a lot of wonders you're gonna have in life. Follow the guide below and you'll know how to download any video you like on Facebook.


To download a Facebook video you'll have to do some editing to the Facebook page URL that has the video you want. Trust me, the words might make this sound fancy and promising something hard to do, but this is the easiest thing anyone can do. Well, anyone with a smartphone/ desktop or just a phone. We will use the image below in figure 1 as a reference for our step by step process.

Each color on the image represents a different component. Please follow the colors to be on the right track as we explain this to you.


🟦- Video

🟥- Page URL

🟩- Page

Figure 1
Figure 1

Before you begin make sure that you are on the page where the video you want to download on Facebook is located. If not, try to find the video page by clicking on the video you want to download. If you are doing this while, not on the video page, the video might end up disappearing. Do you want that to happen? Ok then, let go!

Click the page URL on your browser's search bar twice. Make sure that you don't activate the blue mark for copying and pasting. We only want to add something to the page URL. If you got lost on what a page is, please refer back to the colors and the image. Now let's proceed. Shall we?

The page link might start like this: ( or ( If your link starts with "m" put "basic". Else if your link starts with, try replacing "www" with "m". The after "m" put basic. Then the link will look like this: Click enter if you are using a desktop or a pc, click Go if you are using a phone (Smartphone, Stupid-phone, iPhone, etc).

After clicking go, the same page you were on will appear, it may somehow look different. Try clicking the video you want to download. A three icon bar will appear on the bottom right-hand side of the video (Look at figure 2 for reference purposes). Click the icon and boom, the magic shall happen. Your video will start downloading.

Figure 2

Forget that I called this magic. Just trying to make the end awesome and catchy. If this explanation didn't meet your satisfaction try watching the video below.



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