Tuesday, July 14, 2020


AdSense | Blogger Edition

Many of us create blogs expecting to earn money from them. While some create them just for fun. That's not the point though. Today we will be looking and discovering the how question and the do you question. Well, the first question will be how to put ads into your blog? To put ads into your blog you need to first qualify for AdSense. If you don't qualify then you won't be able to put Google AdSense ads into your blog. To see if you qualify click earnings on your blogger and this will appear:

From the image, it shows that I do not qualify for AdSense. Because I haven't met the threshold views. If yours is like this too. Don't waste your time looking for videos on how to put Google AdSense ads on your blog, unless that blog is not created by Blogger.

I believe that you might have the answer to the second question. Do you need a domain to put ads into your blog? The answer is no! Domains are just there to make your bog fancy. Your audience is the only thing that defines your eligibility for AdSense. Just as your subscribers define your eligibility for YouTube ads. What AdSense is looking for is a blog with an adequate amount of traffic, not 5 views per day.

AdSense is also looking for a blog with content that organized. Make sure that you have checked your spelling of words and do not mix your content. From my point of view, 100+ views per day are fine. As long as your content has order and good spelling of words.

Below is a video that will give you a visual of how this works and from there I believe that you will have a way forward to how you can put ads into your blog.



  • Create an ordered content
  • A minimum of 100 views per day is enough to qualify for AdSense
  • Check your spelling and grammar (It doesn't have to be perfect but at least clear)


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