Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Start 🎮

 Today we will be working on how can you get yourself a free domain for your blog/website. We will be using blogger for today as our blog platform. Get your things ready and let's go for a ride. Not the real ride though. Sometimes I don't get why people always say let's go for a ride when there's no ride. It makes no sense. Enough with this. Sorry for wasting your time. I do that a lot. Let's get to how you should start by getting a domain.


  • The first thing you'll have to do is to go to your Blogger website and sign in if you were not yet signed in.
  • Click Settings:
  • Scroll down to publishing and click custom domain:

Getting a free domain name

So what we need now is a domain name. Mmmmm??? This calls for some new work to be done. To get a free domain name we will have to visit a website named "Freenom". Well, no worries. Let's create some new steps to follow. 
  • First, you'll need to visit Freenom.
  • If you are new to Freenom, sign up or sign in if you have already signed up before.
  • Click "services":
  • Click "register a new domain":
  • Enter the domain name of your choice, if it is not available that means someone else has it. Try making it a little different. Then click get it now:
  • You'll see a list of free available domain names in blue. Click get it now on any domain name you like. If you feel like you want to know what each domain level mean for example .cf/.ml/.tk/.CG information is available on Google search:
  • The next step from now is to click checkout. Make sure that you selected only one domain.
  • Click the period drop-down menu and set the period to 12 months free.
  • Click the continue button.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions (Make sure that you first read them) and click complete order.
  • Click the go to your client area button.
You may think we are done but, not yet. The next thing we have to do is to connect our domain to our blog, else it won't work.

Connecting domain name to our blog

  • Click services.
  • This time click my domains
  • Your domain name should appear if it doesn't appear. There's something wrong you did.
  • Click manage domain.
  • Click Manage Freenom DNS

  • Go back to blogger from where we left off, on a custom domain. Enter your domain name and make sure that you start will "www" or you'll get an error. After that, the following will appear:
  • Go back to Freenom, where you left of, add 5 records, and change the first two A's to CNAME
  • Go back to blogger, copy the name of a CNAME and its destination. Paste them in Freenom. Make sure that you set their type to CNAME in Freenom
  • You Freenom records should look like this:

  • Click save changes. Your page should then have 6 record successful labels. Then head to blogger and click save. This could take up to 5 minutes to respond depending on the time Freenom will take to connect your domain to your blog. After saving is successful you are good to go. 


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