Thursday, July 23, 2020


“For Educational Purposes Only”

"I mean it"

The following list is of the 2 websites that offer free movie downloads. People around the world use this website due to many reasons. I hope you'll have a good and intended experience that anyone who always visits the sites has. Although you might find some ads and captcha verifications disturbing, you'll adapt.

1. Googara

Consider this site as the number one movie streaming and downloading sites. Googara is fully free and not many annoying ads showing up. On Goojara you can get the latest movies a few days after they are released to cinemas. No sign-up or form filling required. Just a simple and straight forward site.

2. FzMovies

People consider this as the second online movie downloading site the best. Although it shows a lot of annoying ads. But it is totally worth it for a free movie site. FzMovies provides you with the latest movies as soon as they are released. All FzMovies videos are free of download and no sign up is required to download them as of today (23 July 2020)

3. MoviesFlix

This movie site is not most popular as FzMovies, but it offers the same content as FzMovies. MoviesFlx has a mix of movies and games, does that make it even better? I am willing to know. MoviesFlx provides free movies with no sign up required as of today (23 July 2020). MoviesFlx also has a lot of ads, I mean who doesn't want to earn from their content. This is everywhere you'll have to try and adapt to it.


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