Tuesday, July 28, 2020


The following will be a list of the apps and sites I mostly recommend to others to try out. Although these apps won't make you rich, they can be useful. These apps and websites are created to help you earn money in your spare time. They are proven scam free and legit. I will try to bring up some details for each app and website I list. 

1. Geopoll

Geopoll is one of the best legit and fast paying apps. Geopoll pays you when you answer surveys, create polls, refer friends, price check, app review, etc. Geopoll is hosting surveys for one of the trusted companies. Those are Coca-Cola, USAID, BBC, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Kantar, Uniliver, Ipsos, MTN, etc. I have been using Geopoll for quite some time and I have to say I had a great experience than expected.

Use the referral code: A67BCRH when signing up.

2. Buzz Break

Buzz Break is also one of the trusted earn money app by its users. You can earn money by reading news, watching videos, and completing offers on the offer wall. It pays within 48 hours. The payment method Buzz Break uses is PayPal. I assure you that Buzz Break is legit and not a scam. 

 To earn an extra bonus, enter my referral code B00783237 after you start using it! 

3. Carry1st

Carry1st is a one function app. You answer quizzes and get paid depending on the larder board ranking. If you answered all the quiz questions correctly more than everyone, all the money goes to you. But if there's a tie. The money is then divided according to the number of people you had a tie. It can be a fast way of earning money if you are good at quizzes. Prizes start from 10$ and upwards. So if you get all the questions correctly more than everyone the 10$ goes to you. But, if 5 people have a tie. Each of you will get 2$.

4. Current

If you like listening to music and radio, the Current app is the best place for you. At current, users earn money from listening to their favorite music and radio station. Isn't this an awesome way of making money?

Be aware and know that all the listed earn money apps/websites are legit and professional. But, they are not things you could use to earn money for a living. They are only to earn money in your spare time.


Below will be a list of the best and free image or video editors available in 2020. Note that these image editors do not charge you anything, they are totally free. Although there might be changes made in the future, subscription wise. I have to say though that they are the best, and I have been using them for a long time until now. 


My number one video and image editor is Kapwing. It has a large variety of functions, like creating a gif, putting watermarks on videos and images, creating videos, etc. I recommend it a lot to many. If you have signed up to Kapwing your edited videos or images will not have Kapwing's watermark. If you did not sign up, your edited content will have Kapwing's watermark. That sounds cool. Meaning that there is no need for a premium version. 


I consider this one as the best image background remover. Free and provides high-quality images. I've been using Removebg for about six months. But, I am still happy with the experience as I found no issues with the site. I am still looking forward to using it because it is fast and easy to use. Sign up is optional. You can still get your watermark-free content without having to sign up.


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