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Saturday, December 19, 2020



Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

Most internet users in modern days are vulnerable to scams. Some of those scams are related to making money online and some are related to daily online tricks. You might have come across one before. Well, in this post we would focus on scams related to money. I am going to give you the top 5 keys that you should use to overcome online scams.

Who creates scams?

Scams can be created by anyone desperate for something. The only way scammers can get what they want is by giving people false promises on something they know everyone needs. Here's an example of a scam:


Joe: Hello John. Just saw the post you sent on the group and thought that you might need help with earning money online.

John: Really? How much do you think I can earn online with your methods? Also, don't forget to share your method with me. I really need cash.

Joe: This is simple. Just send me $5 PayPal cash and I'll send you the PDF with all the steps you can use to ensure that you become a millionaire online.

John: Ok. Send me your PayPal email.


5 keys to avoid scams

  • Always get suspicious. (From the conversation above you have to ask yourself, "If this person has ways of making money that can make anyone a millionaire. Why doesn't he use those methods instead of charging people $5 for an idea?").  
  • Demand proof (Always request for payment proof, to ensure that the method really works).
  • Search for more information (Searching about the idea of making money the person is introducing to you can help you understand the background and origin of the method. Also, finding out which company founded the method is important. Finding no information about the idea of making money you've been told about will only mean it's a scam).
  • Make YouTube your friend (Find videos on YouTube that are doing reviews on the idea you just heard about).
  • Don't show strangers that you don't know (Showing strangers online that you don't have any knowledge about what they are trying to trick you to do can somehow make you more vulnerable to being scammed).

Some of the above-listed keys might have certain similarities. But, trust me. They'll help you stay scam-free. To protect your information from being stolen by hackers, please visit the Random Apps blog. This will ensure extra protection while browsing.


What is transcribing and how does it work?

Transcribing includes printing or writing out audio speech or thoughts. Basically, you print out what other people are saying and get paid for just that. There's more to transcribing than just that.

How much does transcribing pay and can you make a living from it?

Transcribing is the most challenging online job. The reason being that transcribing requires you to have good grammar skills. Being a challenge is no exception to someone who's willing to really make money online from just printing out what other people say. Some transcribing sites will pay you $20+ per hour. Who said hard and challenging work doesn't pay? Don't get me wrong though. Transcribing is not hard. It's also not easy.

How to become a transcriber?

Being a transcriber is as easy as reading this post. Some sites do not need any qualifications at all. All you have to do is to join one of the transcribing sites and apply to be a transcriber. You'll be given an online exam you can complete in your own spare time. After successfully passing that exam, you'll then be a transcriber on that site you applied on. Isn't that easy to do, provided that you pass the exam. Well, if you happen to fail the exam you"ll be given a re-test. Some websites do not offer a re-test at all. Some do offer a re-test but at limited times.

Which websites can I apply to be a transcriber on?

1. TranscribeMe

Transcribe Me pays users $0.79 per minute which equals $47.4 per hour if my calculations are correct. Many people consider trying out Transcribe Me as it has a high payout and it's a reliable company. No qualification required as long as you have good grammar skills.

2. Rev

Rev offers users earn up to $250 per month on average. With the top monthly earners at $1000+ per month. Also, at Rev, you have to have good grammar skills and spend time reading their style guide.

How to pass transcription tests?

Passing transcription tests is hard work. But being a transcriber pays a lot than the hard work you put in. To ensure that you pass all transcription test, you have to ensure that you read Transcribe Me or Rev's guides. DO NOT go online(YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and copy from transcribers. Passing an exam will not be the end of everything. The above two sites will still ensure that you deliver the best service to their customers. Remember that you'll be transcribing for big companies or anyone. So your transcription will be reviewed. If the customer is not happy with it, your account will be deleted. Make sure that you read the guide on your own. Rather look for explanations online, but don't copy. You'll be all alone when you transcribe. Have fun!

Thursday, December 17, 2020


This post will be short and simple. So make sure that you share it with your friends and family members. To do this you'll need to have an app called Mjam installed into your phone. Don't search for it. Just click the name M4jam here to ensure that you find the right app. Note that this offer is only for a limited amount of time.


  1. Before taking the job you should ensure that you have at least R5 airtime on your Cell C sim card.
  2. Next, click the word M4jam anywhere in this post.
  3. You would be redirected to Google Play Store.
  4. Install the M4jam app.
  5. Register on M4jam.
  6. Enable your phone location.
  7. Click earn.
  8. A R40 cell C job should appear (The job is all about downloading and taking the screenshot of the cell c app)

  9. Download the Cell C app first and open it.
  10. Take a screenshot while inside the Cell C app. Make sure that the screenshot shows both your Cell C number and your airtime balance.
  11. Go back to M4jam.
  12. Click on start on the R40 Cell C job. From there you'll follow the simple steps and earn yourself a R40 Cell C airtime. It's easy as that.

Saturday, November 28, 2020


Your privacy matters! | Random Apps

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

VPN is an acronym that stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is basically a virtual private network that enables you to send or receive shared data to other private or public networks while using a public network as if you are on a private network. This in all means that a VPN covers your true identity.

Using a VPN comes will a lot of different benefits. When using a VPN, your location is kept anonymous. Meaning that no one will know your exact location depending on the VPN accuracy. The only location people will know of, is the location of the server you are connected to on a VPN.

Secondly, a VPN helps to prevent unauthorized data collection from public networks some public network mostly collect connected user data without permission. With a VPN, they'll definitely collect the wrong information.

To stay safe and away from hackers, for both the safety of your device and your personal information. I recommend that you try out one of the VPN service apps I listed below. They have the best service and great accuracy. Plus they have been trusted and used by big companies around the world. Not to also mention that they are affordable and easy to use.

1. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is one of the world's biggest and trusted VPN services sp far. Many companies and people around the world use Nord VPN to give them their freedom of privacy.

Nord VPN is available on many platforms including Android, IOS, Windows, Linux, etc. The VPN service provider has had good reviews from people around the world including myself. Try it out and you'll see.

2. Kaspersky Secure Connection

Kaspersky Secure Connection is a VPN service created by the Kasperky company that mainly focuses on building apps to protect you and your device from internet threats. One of their apps includes the Kaspersky Office to protect all your business devices from viruses and hackers, Kaspersky Home security to protect all devices you have at home from internet threats. I believe that Kaspersky is an expert at protecting devices. I myself have purchased the Kaspersky Home Security for both my smartphone and my laptop. I have encountered nothing but the perfection of the platform. Back to the VPN app. 

The app has an affordable pay as you use platform with a price of $1.70-$2 a month. Don't get me wrong. With Kaspersky Secure Connection you only pay for that month you are using the app. There's also a free version, but it's capped at 300MB.


Photo by from Pexels

I have to admit, trading is not an easy thing to do. Especially when it comes to making an analysis of your trading and then making a decision based on your analysis. The trading platforms I am about to list to you have it all. There are tutorials on how to trade successfully and on how to use some trading tools.

Today I'm going to give you the best trading platforms to try out. These trading platforms have the most affordable prices to start with and the best analysis tools. On top of that, some of the trading platforms I am going to list have trading bonuses. Isn't that awesome? Good. Let's get started!


IQ Option is a multi-trading platform founded on 16 February 2010 (According to a google search). The IQ Option broker has different and advanced software for trading options, forex, cryptocurrency, etc. This broker has a minimum deposit amount of $10 and no minimum withdrawal amount as of 28 November 2020. The broker has about 50 million-plus downloads on Google Play Store. That I think is one of the best parts about IQ Option. There are no sign-up bonuses.

Despite the hardship and challenges many traders face, the IQ Option contains video tutorials to help you with your trading. If you happen to have a lot of losses, IQ Option will decide to call you and advise you on the best strategies to use when trading.

Here's the BEST part. IQ Option also offers traders a tournament. Well, tournaments give traders around the world a chance to compete against each other on who will make the best profit in a certain amount of time. Some tournaments have an entry fee, while some are free to enter. Tournaments are only based on binary options.

Also, tournaments have different prize pools. Again, on the IQ Option tournaments, traders are rewarded from a certain number to a certain number (eg. winners are from the number 1 to 30). What this means is that the prize will be divided and given to traders who rank from 1 to 30. It's not always 1 to 30, it can change. 

Dividing the prize to each trader in the winners' list doesn't mean each trader will get the same amount of money into their trading account. The trader who ended up with more money in their tournament account will be paid the most as compared to those behind him.

2. XM

XM is also one of the world's trusted brokers when it comes to forex trading founded in 2009. That is because many people like trading forex. Also, XM has the best trading and analysis tools to help you decide on your trade. XM has a minimum deposit of 10$ on a standard account.

Just like IQ Option. XM has video tutorials to help you start and master trading. XM has a sign-up bonus of $30 as of 28 November 2020. No need to deposit, just complete your profile information and you'll be able to claim the trading bonus.

Bonuses don't end with sign-ups. XM also gives you a deposit bonus of 50% of the money you deposited with. That makes XM the most rewarding and on the best brokers.

XM has a web trader app, a mobile trader app, and a windows trader app. With more than 1 million downloads on Google Play Store as of 28 November 2020.

If you have not traded before, don't start now. Remember and note that trading is a risk many people take to one's capital. Trade wisely and precisely. 

Friday, November 20, 2020



Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Many people around the world think that running short of internet data is the only treat when it comes to enjoying internet surfing. Random Apps doesn't think so. Do you? The second threat that many people come across on the internet is getting their data stolen or hacked. That includes private information and sensitive information being accessed by someone else without your permission. That is the most stressful and unpeaceful moment when surfing the internet. At times some people even get their card details stolen.

Did you know that there's been a solution all along? I think that you weren't aware yet. To protect your online information you have to install Kaspersky security on your device. 

Kaspersky specializes in protecting your device from being accessed by anyone who doesn't have permission to do so. Kaspersky protects both your pc and your smartphone.

Features available on Kaspersky security come in different and many features. That includes:

 Blocking webcam access from people without permission to use it

To prevent people from spying on you using your webcam. Kaspersky security blocks websites from using your webcam automatically. You'll get a notification to either accept or block that site from accessing your webcam.

Blocking ads while surfing the internet

Ads are the most interesting and annoying part of surfing the internet. Kaspersky helps you block ads on your device if you chose to do so.

Blocking computer microphone access from people without permission to use it

Some people love listening to what you are saying wherever you are. Remember that with internet access people can listen to whatever you are saying from anywhere around the world, without your permission. Kaspersky blocks that too. Unless you choose to provide that permission.

Tracking your lost device

If you lose your device. Kaspersky can help you find it with its three most awesome features. The first one is ringing it and the second one is finding it using a map. Well, the third one is locking your device just in case someone knows your password.

Protecting your kids again content they don't need to see on the internet

Sometimes kids don't choose what they watch, or you cannot choose what they must watch. With Kaspersky, your kids will watch what you want them to. Kaspersky will block apps and content that is not created for kids. Also, kids cannot unblock that. Only you will have access to unblocked such content when you are using the device.

Virus protection

Not everything we download online is safe. From PDFs, videos, and applications. Some contain a virus that makes our devices lag(respond too late). Isn't that annoying?

Data backup

Kaspersky also helps you backup your data. Ok... wait. I don't need to explain this. Ok... Fine! Data backup includes storing your information in the secure Kaspersky security storage in case you lose it. Happy now?

Password manager

The password manager helps you store passwords for different apps and websites. This ensures that you access them easily in case you forget each of them.

Securing Banking Details

To keep your banking details safe when doing online purchases, Kaspersky has a protected browser mode to ensure that hackers don't stand a chance.


If I could try to mention all Kaspersky's features I would end up creating an endless post. Thanks to a 30 free trial. With Kaspersky, you can install the software on your smartphone/ PC without having to pay for anything. That I call a good free trial. From there you can explore Kaspersky security features before deciding to purchase anything.

With Kaspersky security, hackers don't stand a chance. I also recommend this data protection service as I have been using it for a long time now and I have had no issue with it.

Does that mean I can surf the internet safely?

Yes. With Kaspersky security having blocked unauthorized access to your computer/smartphone. Nothing, and I mean nothing stands a chance of invading your privacy or stealing your data. That leaves you problem-free!


Tuesday, November 17, 2020



Affiliate Marketing

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

Lately, you might have searched for the best ways of making money online but, all you come across are videos about affiliate marketing. From general knowledge you might have thought/realized that affiliate marketing is boring since it includes convincing people to buy a particular product, they never thought about buying. Well, they might have thought about buying that product, although their decision wasn't that strong. Until you convince them more. Then they buy it, using your affiliate link. There's more to affiliate marking than convincing people to buy a particular product.

What is affiliate marketing?

As an affiliate, it is not a required option to buy the product yourself. All you have to do is to share the link of that product you want to promote to someone else. Now the link ensures that the person gets access to the product through you and you can track whether the person has tried the product or not.

As you might have read from the beginning of the topic. I mentioned that you might think that affiliate marketing is mostly based on convincing people to buy a particular product. To me, that is very "TRUE". The way you convince people must be more developed and unique from the product's real advert (Don't include unreal things though or exaggerate the product you are advertising). I call this a strategy. Better take note of it, it's one of the most important parts of becoming an affiliate.

How can you be a unique affiliate?

  1. Be as simple as possible!

Friday, November 13, 2020


The following will be a list of the best free and easy to use platforms when learning how to program. These platforms are beginner-friendly and have given a lot of people good programming skills. By now I believe that you have an idea that when we are speaking of the word "Programming". We are referring to writing a code on a computer, for the computer to respond to it. Figure 1 below shows what a program might look like. Are you ready? Let's get started!

Figure 1: Programming (Photo by Luis Gomes from Pexels)

1. Codecademy

Codecademy is one of the programming platforms that have gained recognition worldwide. Many people from different social media platforms claim that Codecademy has helped them enhance their developing skills to an extent that they ended up being hired by Google. Who doesn't want to work for Google? 

The platform (Codecademy) itself also claims that many of its students have been hired at Google. This made me see Codecademy as a powerful and useful study tool to use when you want to enhance your programming skills. Codecademy also provides students with certificates after successful completion of their chosen programming course. Although, if you are not a premium user, you cannot get some of Codecademy's awesome features, including the certificate. That I did not like. That won't stop you from trying it out. Will it?

Programming languages available at Codecademy include Python, C++, JavaScript, Kotlin, HTML&CSS, etc. If I could try to mention all of them it would take me the whole day.


2. Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides people around the world with free education. It does not matter where you are in the world. Many people have used and found khan academy useful and resourceful. See what I did there? 

Khan Academy does not have features only for premium users, but its features are for everyone. If you want a good start in programming, then Khan Academy is one of the right places to start. Including the ones, I am about to mention. 

Programming languages that you can find on Khan Academy are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as of today (2020/11/13). There is a step by step procedure and all the necessary tools are provided as soon as you need them.


3. Solo Learn

Solo Learn is a multi-platform app/website. Can you guess why? Well, that's because it contains content for both premium and non-premium users. Also, Solo Learn has a numerous number of different programming languages you can choose from. Is that fair enough? If your guessing wasn't anywhere close to that, I apologize. You'll get it next time.

Solo learn is mostly operated on android devices. There is a web version if you might not feel comfortable using the Solo Learn app. I consider Solo Learn as one of the best ways to get started as a beginner. Due to the availability of support from other users and in-app code editors. The most interesting part is that you will be given a certificate once you successfully complete each course on your chosen programming language. That sounds awesome!

Programming languages available on Solo Learn are HTML&CSS, Python, Kotlin, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, Java, C++, etc. There is also a community you can join on Solo Learn. Where people around the world share different ideas around using each programming language to create something useful.


Source (URL:

Monday, September 14, 2020


 Before I get to the new ways you can money online in South Africa. I would like to thank those who visit my blog often. Also, try out my YouTube channel. 

Now let's get to these new ways to earn in 2020. I assure you that these new ways pay real money. For some, I have withdrawal proof available. So sit back and read. Thought I was gonna text "relax"? Sorry.

The first platform that pays real money online is M4jam. The app became a little popular in 2020. M4Jam pays between R60-R1000 per job completed. Jobs include surveys, taking pictures of certain locations and shops. It's that simple and the money is all yours. M4Jam surveys are unlike the ones you have completed before. They are simple and straightforward and pay up to R60. 

1. M4JAM

If you are not interested in the app, you are running away from a lifetime opportunity, since offers come in big pay-outs, plus your payments are processed as soon as you make your request. For this app, I have my withdrawal proof available.

Withdrawal Proof

The second app is Field Agent. Well, Field Agent performs a function that is quite similar to M4JAM. Payouts are also high on Field Agent. Although I have not yet withdrawn on Field Agent but trust me, it works.

To download the Field Agent app visit the google play store. Do not download it anywhere as a Field agent is also available in other parts of the country. So downloading it from any other source might give you a version designed for a different country.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


The following will be a list of the apps and sites I mostly recommend to others to try out. Although these apps won't make you rich, they can be useful. These apps and websites are created to help you earn money in your spare time. They are proven scam free and legit. I will try to bring up some details for each app and website I list. 

1. Geopoll

Geopoll is one of the best legit and fast paying apps. Geopoll pays you when you answer surveys, create polls, refer friends, price check, app review, etc. Geopoll is hosting surveys for one of the trusted companies. Those are Coca-Cola, USAID, BBC, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Kantar, Uniliver, Ipsos, MTN, etc. I have been using Geopoll for quite some time and I have to say I had a great experience than expected.

Use the referral code: A67BCRH when signing up.

2. Buzz Break

Buzz Break is also one of the trusted earn money app by its users. You can earn money by reading news, watching videos, and completing offers on the offer wall. It pays within 48 hours. The payment method Buzz Break uses is PayPal. I assure you that Buzz Break is legit and not a scam. 

 To earn an extra bonus, enter my referral code B00783237 after you start using it! 

3. Carry1st

Carry1st is a one function app. You answer quizzes and get paid depending on the larder board ranking. If you answered all the quiz questions correctly more than everyone, all the money goes to you. But if there's a tie. The money is then divided according to the number of people you had a tie. It can be a fast way of earning money if you are good at quizzes. Prizes start from 10$ and upwards. So if you get all the questions correctly more than everyone the 10$ goes to you. But, if 5 people have a tie. Each of you will get 2$.

4. Current

If you like listening to music and radio, the Current app is the best place for you. At current, users earn money from listening to their favorite music and radio station. Isn't this an awesome way of making money?

Be aware and know that all the listed earn money apps/websites are legit and professional. But, they are not things you could use to earn money for a living. They are only to earn money in your spare time.


Below will be a list of the best and free image or video editors available in 2020. Note that these image editors do not charge you anything, they are totally free. Although there might be changes made in the future, subscription wise. I have to say though that they are the best, and I have been using them for a long time until now. 


My number one video and image editor is Kapwing. It has a large variety of functions, like creating a gif, putting watermarks on videos and images, creating videos, etc. I recommend it a lot to many. If you have signed up to Kapwing your edited videos or images will not have Kapwing's watermark. If you did not sign up, your edited content will have Kapwing's watermark. That sounds cool. Meaning that there is no need for a premium version. 


I consider this one as the best image background remover. Free and provides high-quality images. I've been using Removebg for about six months. But, I am still happy with the experience as I found no issues with the site. I am still looking forward to using it because it is fast and easy to use. Sign up is optional. You can still get your watermark-free content without having to sign up.

Thursday, July 23, 2020


“For Educational Purposes Only”

"I mean it"

The following list is of the 2 websites that offer free movie downloads. People around the world use this website due to many reasons. I hope you'll have a good and intended experience that anyone who always visits the sites has. Although you might find some ads and captcha verifications disturbing, you'll adapt.

1. Googara

Consider this site as the number one movie streaming and downloading sites. Googara is fully free and not many annoying ads showing up. On Goojara you can get the latest movies a few days after they are released to cinemas. No sign-up or form filling required. Just a simple and straight forward site.

2. FzMovies

People consider this as the second online movie downloading site the best. Although it shows a lot of annoying ads. But it is totally worth it for a free movie site. FzMovies provides you with the latest movies as soon as they are released. All FzMovies videos are free of download and no sign up is required to download them as of today (23 July 2020)

3. MoviesFlix

This movie site is not most popular as FzMovies, but it offers the same content as FzMovies. MoviesFlx has a mix of movies and games, does that make it even better? I am willing to know. MoviesFlx provides free movies with no sign up required as of today (23 July 2020). MoviesFlx also has a lot of ads, I mean who doesn't want to earn from their content. This is everywhere you'll have to try and adapt to it.

Saturday, July 18, 2020



The following websites offer users free education. No need to worry about paying that and that. Free lessons are provided by the best and qualified teachers. So if you have been searching for free education sites, I'd like to tell you that your search ends now. Shall we?

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free education website and organization offering free education at any level of education. By any level, I mean any academic level, whether you are a high school or university student. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization. Meaning that it does not get paid by anyone to give you a free lesson. It would be the kindest thing for you to donate to them as a sign of appreciation. Trust me, they provide the best lesson. By the way, donating to Khan Academy is optional. Khan Academy offers a variety of lessons and full courses. I strongly recommend it.

2. Mindset Learn

Mindset Learn is also a free education website that has no premium versions. Signing up is not necessary, but an option. Although I know this website to be working for South African users, I am not sure whether it does run for other countries. Mindset offers a variety of free lesson videos and exam papers to choose from. Also, for Vodacom users: the website is data-free. Meaning data charges do not apply. Well, I think this site is mostly based in South Africa. If you are from a different country and you want to try something new, you can visit it. Hope you like it!😊

3. Siyavula

Siyavula (we are opening) is mostly a free education site and offers grade 8-12 material. But, it does have paid content. In order to get Siyavula's practice exam papers, you'll have to pay for them. There are no data charges for Vodacom and MTN users when using the website(SA only). For other networks and different countries, data charges do apply.

3. Vodacom E-School

Vodacom E-School is Vodacom's own free education site, I think the name says it all. Ok, Vodacom E-School offers free learning material for grade R-12 learners (SA). Does your countries' education system work like that, does it have grades R to 12? I think it's the same though. Vodacom e-school does not apply data charges for Vodacom users. For other networks and countries, data charges do apply.


“For Educational Purposes Only”

"I mean it"

The following is a list of music and video download sites available in 2020. Although these websites might contain a lot of annoying ads, they do provide you with good music and videos from different sources like YouTube, SoundCloud, Yandex, etc. Let's get going.

1. Tubidy

Tubidy is a free website that provides users with a number of videos and music to choose from. Videos are in different resolutions to meet your data savings. You can also stream videos on Tubidy if the downloading thing will be an issue(low internal storage, etc). Tubidy also enables users to upload their own content, how cool is that?


According to Y2mate's description. Y2mate is a YouTube downloader site. What this means is that it offers its users access to download YouTube videos and music for free. As long as what you want is available on YouTube, it is also available in Y2mate.


Savefrom offers a function that is quite similar to the one y2mate offers, which is the download of  YouTube videos. Savefrom is also free. But, Savefrom has a lot of different sources to download from. That includes sources like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. That sounds very awesome for something that is totally free.

Friday, July 17, 2020


“For Educational Purposes Only”

"I mean it"

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Have you ever thought of hacking someone's account? Well, this is for you. I would like you to read it clearly as it might help you find the best thing for you.

To bring about an understanding of why you should stop hacking people's accounts we'll have to go back. In time? Noo... We'll have to go back to what is hacking. 

In most cases, hacking is defined as illegal access to someone's information without their permission. Did I just say illegal? Yep... I guess I did. Hacking is a crime. Especially on the internet side. You should never use your computer skills to take advantage of others but rather to help those in need. Always know that there are a lot of jobs you can find yourself doing if you could stop doing hacking related things.

If you are a hacker it is most obvious that you love computers. Why don't you learn and use different programming languages to creates apps, websites, etc for yourself or get hired to create an app for other companies? That is a safe and profitable way of using your love for computers, creating something profitable for others. Or you could create an app that can protect other vulnerable people from other hackers, bearing in mind that you know most of the hacking methods used.

The above mention things (Creating websites, apps, programming machines, etc) can make you a well-known person in a good way, rather than being known as a hacker. Some might think that's cool. But it's not. Sometimes cool things can take you to bad endings. Like ending up in jail. How cool is that? Not cool. 

Keep your hacking skills to yourself. Use them when there's a need to. Don't go around hacking people's accounts for fun. Try to make positive changes in your life. Don't do things that will end you up in jail. Stay safe. Know that knowledge is dangerous sometimes, depending on how you use it. Use your knowledge wisely. Don't mess around.


Cache | "I mean it"

You might have met up with a weird name on your device when looking at things like storage consumption on your device, and that name is "cache". And you could have decided to delete some information stored in your "cache", I suppose. Well from now on you should know that is one of the things you should not do. Let's start by knowing what cache really is. 

The cache is defined as a very fast intermediate memory between the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the slower main memory. So in this case there's nothing wrong with the cache? 🤔Mhhhh... From a very big definition, the cache is defined as information storage of inaccessible information on your device. By inaccessible I mean that you can only have access to the information stored in the cache only if you open specific apps on your device. 

The cache makes it easier for apps to access the information they store in your device every time you perform an activity. It prevents long periods of waiting when running an application because the cache already has the information the application needs to run, thus saving you time. 

So from the definition, the cache doesn't make your device sluggish, but faster. It eliminates those long periods of waiting, loading, etc. So from now, I believe that you can see how important the cache is. Although the big issue is having low device storage. If you want to delete information stored in other apps' cache, then you can delete it for storage reasons, if you are not going to need the information stored by one of your apps. Do consider that deleting the information in your cache on your device makes your device apps sluggish as they might have to create new information. 

Thursday, July 16, 2020


1. Using the CTRL and PRT SC

The first way of taking a screenshot is by using the "ctrl" and "prt sc" buttons. Every Windows has them. Here's where you would find them:

Note that there are two ctrl buttons. You should use only one of them. Well then, let's move to the first step of this.
  • Go to the screen you want to take a screenshot of
  • Press the Ctrl button, don't let go of it
  • Click the prt sc button
  • Open the Paint application on your windows

  • Click the paste icon or right-click and paste
  • After pasting click the file and save you screenshot

2. Using an external app

There's also a method you can use that includes using an external app. I recommend it a lot to you. Due to the fact it provides you with more tools like cropping, drawing, etc. This application is called ice cream screen recorder, it comes with the screenshot application. The screenshot app is free and it's also watermark-free.

Ice Cream Screenshot

If you want to take your screenshots in a more advanced and fast way I think you should consider installing this app into your device. Ice cream screenshot features include: putting a watermark into your screenshot, writing on your screenshot, hiding some information in your screenshot, and many more.

Do not worry about paying anything. The Ice cream screenshot app does not require you to pay anything when using the screenshot app. Also, there are no watermarks they'll put into your screenshot. That makes things better. Heewww!😅 Below I have posted a picture of what the app looks like:

Ice Cream Screenshot: Source (URL:; Access Date: 16/07/2020)


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